Monday, May 2, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

I've decided to do a 30 day photo challenge I was to start yesterday but couldn't find my battery charger. (this photo I didn't take) TNT.
Day 1: Photo of yourself.
And 10 facts about yourself.
Fact 1: I was born in the 70's.
Fact 2: I love the colour purple.
Fact 3: I have 4 wonderful kids.
Fact 4: I married my childhood sweetheart.
Fact 5: I'm a Cowboys Fan NRL.
Fact 6: I love living on the farm.
Fact 7: I love my hobbies (cooking, scrapbooking, Sewing, photography.)
Fact 8: I'm a holden fan.
Fact 9: I love 2nd hand shops (op shops etc)
Fact 10: I love my family.

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