Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Its been awhile.

Hi all, I've been really busy with alot going on, firstly we have moved again hubby has another job and because the house comes with the job we had to move, but not that far away so kids will still go to the same schools and catch the same bus. He wasn't happy with his last job but you don't find out these things until you start working for them. Our dream is to have our own farm one day. Anyway only a couple of days of school holidays left poor kids haven't done much with them due to moving didn't do much last holidays either as we moved down this way. I was a bit disappointed because I started my vegy garden at the old place and they look so good too but they are still small enough to transplant just hope the frost doesn't get them they are winter vegys but. We also have to make a chicken coop for our chickens which are currently in a temporary spot at the end of our car shed. Well better get cracking things to do catch ya later.

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